Project Noah, Inc.


Mission Statement

Project Noah, Inc. is dedicated to education,

conservation, and public awareness while

providing habitat and care for animals.


Project Noah, Inc. is an innovative project dedicated to the preservation of threatened or endangered animals. It specializes in education while engaging in world-wide animal conservation efforts. This unique link between the conservation of wild animals in their native habitat with education programs for students and the public is the key to true public and corporate involvement in animal conservation. 



  • Obtain a large tract of land suitable for the necessary buildings, structures, and enclosures
  • Construct an educational and housing facility with classrooms, dining room, and dormitory rooms
  • Create large spacious natural habitat enclosures for the resident animals
  • Exhibit a variety of exotic, wild, and domestic animals which support education and conservation efforts
  • Provide educational opportunities for students and the community about animal conservation
  • Support international animal conservation efforts