What is Project Noah?

Project Noah, Inc. is a Christian-based Kentucky nonprofit organization dedicated to education, conservation, and public awareness while providing habitat and care for animals. Project Noah, Inc. is an innovative project dedicated to the preservation of threatened or endangered animals. It specializes in education while engaging in world-wide animal conservation efforts. We feel that this unique link between the conservation of wild animals in their native habitat with education programs for students and the public is the key to true public and corporate involvement in animal conservation.


What does Project Noah want to accomplish?

Our goals are as follows: 

  • Obtain a large tract of land suitable for the necessary buildings, structures, and enclosures

  • Construct an educational and housing facility with classrooms, dining room, and dormitory rooms

  • Create large spacious natural habitat enclosures for the resident animals

  • Exhibit a variety of exotic, wild, and domestic animals which support education and conservation efforts

  • Provide educational opportunities for students and the community about animal conservation

  • Support selected international animal conservation efforts


Do you capture the animals from the wild or where do they come from?

No! Most animals at Project Noah come from private homes, retirees from circuses or zoos, or other animal facilities. Occasionally we assist in placing animals at other facilities to better meet their needs. We carefully choose resident animals for Project Noah based on the needs of our educational program and conservation efforts.


Are you afraid they will ever turn on you?

While some animals at Project Noah are very affectionate and, to an observer, may appear to be “tame,” we never forget that they are wild animals with wild natures. We have very specific rules to follow when cleaning cages, feeding animals, loading animals in travel cages, or any type of animal contact.


Why are there so many animals needing homes?

Although some animals are rescued from bad situations, not many of our animals are from bad situations. Sometimes people have to place the animals elsewhere because their county or state passed ordinances or laws prohibiting them. Another reason is the primary care giver may become ill and can no longer properly care for the animal(s). Sometimes people have to move for work, divorce, or various other reasons and cannot take their animals.


How much of my donation goes to help the animals?

100% of your donation goes to Project Noah to help animals. Donations can be made in person, or by mail. All donations are appreciated. Tax deductible receipts are given if requested.


How can I contact Project Noah?

You can contact us at info@projectnoah.com.