Meet the Maxwell's



Harold Maxwell


Max  and baby Judah

Max and Judah

Max and Sheba on snow patrol


Max is president and founder of Project Noah, Inc.




Marge Maxwell


Marge and baby Judah

Marge, Noel, and Boo,

a Capuchin monkey currently placed in IN

Marge feeding a giraffe



Dr. Marge Maxwell is an Assistant Professor of educational technology  at Western Kentucky University

in Bowling Green, KY. In her spare time she's a mom, teaches Bible study,

helps at the Pumpkin Patch, and does Project Noah, Inc.'s paperwork and web page.





Noel Maxwell


Noel (4 yrs.old)

bottle-feeding 3-day

old Tigger

Judah (4 months)

loving on Noel

Noel and Judah (4 months)

In the Pumpkin Patch 

straw maze


Noel and Trevor (her first cousin)

with baby Apache

Noel after a wild turkey shoot.



Noel is currently 14 years old in ninth grade. She loves shooting and is the 2007-2008 National Junior Sporter Champion. She loves music and guitar as well as kittens, puppies, tiger cubs, lion cubs, caracal kittens, (get the picture - anything baby!)




PS: We do not advocate young children in close proximity to big cats older than six-months of age.

These photos were the last time Noel was close to Judah.