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Like any of us, Leo does love a good back rub. Bucky, a volunteer since 2000, truly loves oblige Leo with rubs.


To say Leo was a big boy is a fantastic understatement. At almost 700 pounds he didn't move around much. Like Meira, Leo also belonged to Valerre Wurst.  Leo grew up with Volente, a tigress. He truly loved her and grieved terribly when she died from anesthesia during an operation. He roared so much in his grieving that a new home had to be found. We were delighted to give him a home here at Project Noah. Leo was one of the cats used in Max's training back in NC in 1995.

Leo was a male lion. He did not have a mane because he was "fixed." Did you know the mane is a "hormone thing" to attract the females? Leo passed away in 2005 of old age.




Tasha, Sheba's sister, was more like a lion than the affectionate Sheba. Yes, Tasha also loved Max but she was more unpredictable and was not exhibited much. After moving to KY, in November of 1997 a small piece of bone from a deer rib cut through her esophagus and cut an artery. She died of internal bleeding at Dr. Heltsley's new veterinary center in Glasgow, KY. Max was very upset and could not speak of her for days. A good friend and volunteer, Jim Beckley, cut some of Tasha's claws after her death. He recently gave Max one of Tasha's claws as a Christmas present. Max happily clutched it, muttering that he now has something of Tasha (other than a memory). It has been made into a beautiful necklace which you will always see Max wearing.



      We rescued Monty, a 20-foot long Burmese python, and used him in educational programs. He was shown at schools during a children's  summer camp with a rainforest theme in NC.

Monty was poisoned in his outside enclosure four months after we got him. The suspects were next door tenants who mysteriously disappeared the same day.




Simba was a regal, handsome, young lion. He also came from Shea Park in NC when it was closed down. He was the father of Sheba's cubs, Judah Daren, KC, and Zipporah. Simba died  in December of 1999.



What a beauty!

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A wonderful house cat!

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