Nikki came to Project Noah in February of 2001 from England to fulfill a life-long dream of working with the big cats.
Nikki fell in love with Apache, a baby cougar (above picture) and Sergeant (baby tiger in left picture). She has been one of the best volunteers ever at PNI. She doesn't mind cleaning cages, scrubbing den boxes, or butchering deer or cows to feed the animals. Below Nikki is obliging Judah with neck rubs while cleaning cages..

Marge, Noel,

Jemma (Nikki's sister), Nikki


Nikki shooting the 454 Casull

Nikki, Ashley, and Noel on the horse

Peek is also a rescued animal. He was donated as lion food because of a broken leg. He has healed quite nicely.


Click here to see some of Nikki's drawing.