Nikki's Drawings



One of Nikki's favorite jokes:

A man went to a toothbrush company for a sales job. The owner was very doubtful but gave him a handful of toothbrushes to try to sell. The man  came back the next day with the money and asked for more toothbrushes. The owner could not believe it. He gave the man a case of toothbrushes. When he returned the next day with the money and all of the toothbrushes sold, the owner was elated and told all the other salesmen how this man  was outselling them. He asked  if he could go with him to observe his selling techniques. So the owner and the man went to a mall. He set up a table with some chips and dip and a sign that said, "FREE chips and dip!" A person came up to the table to eat some chips and dip. Upon tasting the dip, he made a face and spit the dip out. He exclaimed, "That tastes like s_ _ _!" The man  said, "It is, wanna buy a toothbrush?"