Placement of Animals at Other Facilities


Ahemsa and Lola have been placed at Tiger Haven in Tennessee.

Ahemsa was Meshra's husband, the father of the tiger cubs of 1998 at Project Noah. He is beautiful cat who always chuffs (a friendly greeting sound made by tigers) when someone approaches his enclosure.


Lola is a young tigress who came to

Project Noah in October 2003.




All of the cats love a bath at where else...

The Carwash!


Boo, a capuchin monkey

Boo was placed at Project Noah because his owner could not keep him in a small apartment. Boo had been mistreated years before by children of previous owners and Boo had a problem of biting when irritated. He never bit Max, Marge, or Noel, but several visitors were bitten. Boo was placed in a primate facility in Indiana where he has other monkey companions.


Raja, Tigger, and Vaugh




Born July 8, 1999, to Meshra, the cubs attracted much local attention. All boys, Raja, Tigger, and Vaugh, have been placed in other facilities. Raja was placed with Bob Merkle in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Bob is a policeman with a background in training big cats. Raja even has his own deputy badge and rides with Bob in their special police vehicle on his "beat."


Tigger and Vaugh are with Rob Craig at Cougar Valley in IN. All three now weigh around 500 pounds. 

Did you know that tiger cub's paws are pink only the first 2-3 days?





  Meira was previously owned by Valerre Wurst, the trainer/handler from whom Max first received training with big cats. Valerre moved to CA and could not keep Meira and Leo there. Since we knew the cats previously, we were excited about giving them a home here at Project Noah.

This photo on the left is a very special picture. Max's dad (who passed away in 1998) is petting baby Meira in 1995 when we lived in NC.  


Today Meira is an affectionate cat with lovely blue eyes. She is a favorite by many who see her.  Meira is currently at another sanctuary in Indiana. We hope to bring her back home one day.



Sasha and Mo

sasha     Can you believe it? A lion with a pet dog or is it the other way around? Actually, Mo (the dog) rules. He eats first and growls at Sasha if she does anything he does not like (like sitting on him). It really is humorous. We kept Sasha and Mo until their owner came to reclaim them.