Project Noah, Inc.


A Letter from the President

When the phone rang late one evening in April of ’95, little did know that my life’s direction was about to change. The caller from Florida had heard I was looking for a cat to use in a magic show and was offering two three-month old lion cubs. I was most startled and unprepared for I had only been considering for a few weeks. Upon their arrival I noticed that one had bowed legs. The veterinarian verified two broken legs caused by a severe calcium deficiency from improper feeding. Rejecting the recommendation to put her down, I gave Sheba mega-doses of calcium and other vitamins and did not allow her to walk for two weeks. Most of the time I carried her in my arms or across my shoulders, or she was placed in a small carrier. Sheba healed and is now my most loving and favorite cat. This brought the plight of exotic cats and their needs to my attention.

Addressing this with my wife, Dr. Marge Maxwell, the decision was made to do something. We created Project Noah, Inc., a tax-exempt nonprofit Kentucky corporation, to educate as many people as possible that together we can all make a difference!

Our goal is to build a facility which will have a variety of species on exhibit in spacious enclosures. An educational center with dorm rooms, dining and lecture rooms, and technology lab etc., will be built for summer enrichment camps and use by local and regional schools, churches, civic and interest groups. Also needed is an on site clinic to care for the injured or sick animals, a food preparation and freezer area, and a barn for storage of equipment and building materials.

The more I learn of the Amur Leopards, Black Rhinos, Asian Lions, Ocelots , Jaguars, Black-footed cats of Africa, the more I want to see them saved. With your help, I think we can make a difference in these critical situations. Extinction is forever and when preventable, totally unacceptable.


Herald Maxwell, President, Project Noah, Inc.